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Immersion and Spray Painting Service 

We Provide the Immersion and Spray Painting Service Your Company Needs

Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland provides all of the immersion and spray painting service your company needs to keep your products in great condition and impress your customers. Our technical coatings are some of the best in the industry. We have been working for generations to design and implement some of the finest technical coatings around.

Whether you are looking for an immersion and spray painting service, solid film lubricant coating, or one of our stainless steel de-rusting and passivation services, we have the technology and the skill to make sure that our metal products are well coated and protected.

Our Solid Film Lubricant Coating Process

Our solid film lubricant coating provides your metal products with a strong barrier of protection. This coating is provided to help products stay resistant from external sources of weathering and wear. Our lubricant barrier coating is the perfect choice for metal projects that have to be in contact with lubricants. This barrier is designed to work alongside and with your lubricants.

If you are looking for a product that protects your metal while still working with the lubricants you need, look no further than our selection of coatings. Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about how our coatings are the perfect choice for metals that need to stay lubricated.

Stainless Steel Derusting and Passivation for Your Products

No matter what type of metal you are producing, we offer a stainless steel derusting and passivation process that can keep it protected from wear and tear. Our stainless steel derusting and passivation service helps to protect your stainless steel metal products and restore them.

Stainless steel is a fantastic metal for both its strength and its affordability. However, this metal is prone to wear. Any type of steel can degrade over time and break down in the presence of outside forces. Not only that, but the usual wear brought on by end customer use also adds to the degradation of aluminum.

Our stainless steel derusting and passivation process is the best way to keep your stainless steel products safe. If you are manufacturing a stainless steel product either for consumers or industrial use, you should get in touch with our coating experts. We can help you decide on a coating that is right for you and get your products protected to our high standards.

Industrial Metal Finishing and Pickling

No matter what type of metal you are working with, we provide an industrial metal finishing and pickling solution that is right for the job. We can help make sure that any type of metal is protected and coated.

Our company has been in business for generations. In these years we have gained the experience we need to work with a variety of metals. Our coatings can be seen everywhere from home appliances to military uses. This means that there isn’t an industry we can’t work with. No matter where your metals are headed, we can provide them with high quality coatings to keep them as strong as the day they were forged for generations to come.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our industrial metal finishing and pickling process and how we can help your company keep your products strong.

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