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Mechanical Services

Saw operator

Metal Sawing

High speed circular and band saws minimize kerf and provide precision cutting on cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials of up to 16” diameter.  We can stock your material in our warehouse to reduce delivery times, and deliver meticulously cut, cleaned or lubricated blanks that are ready for assembly, forming, or heading operations. 

aluminum/steel saw

Vibratory Deburring

Our equipment can handle parts up to 18".  We'll select the media that is right for your parts, inspect the finished goods closely, and guarantee consistent quality performance.


We have two machines that can reliably handle workpieces up to 14" long and 3" in diameter.

Blasting, Aluminum Oxide & Glass Bead

Blasting is the preferred mechanical cleaning method for many critical parts that are our specialty.  We have 4 automatic tumble blast cabinets and 4 manual cabinets for larger, complicated, or delicate pieces, and years of experience to ensure that the job is done quickly and correctly.  We can handle both large or small parts with expert care.

deburring capabilities
blasting capabilities
chamfer capabilities
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