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Metal Finishing


Phosphate Conversion Coatings

We offer Parkerizing, Bonderite, Parco-Lubrite and heavy, light, or calcium-modified phosphate coatings that improve paint or adhesive bonding, provide lubricity during installation, and act as a barrier coating to prevent break-in wear. In combination with various oils, phosphate coatings also promote corrosion resistance for protection during shipping, storage, and assembly.

Bulk handling (in barrels) or individual racking of parts is available to prevent damage to parts.


Heavy Zinc Phosphate Crystals

sem6mang - Copy.bmp

Manganese Phosphate Crystals

Light Zinc Phosphate Crystals


Get on target with Parker Torque Tech coatings, proven to improve repeatability and reliability in threaded joints since 1991. Our coatings provide unrivaled coating weight control and better lubrication on all types of steel alloys and surface finishes. Especially useful in computerized torquing of critical fasteners in high-strength applications.

Unlike newer overseas-owned sound-alike suppliers, Parker Rust-Proof, the inventors of Torque-Tech, have been in business for over one hundred years and truly know how to prep steel surfaces like no one else!


Our proprietary hybrid zinc phosphate coating that confers lubricity and corrosion resistance for high strength fastener installations requiring consistent torque, was developed for Cummins Engine, and provides the highly repeatable coating weight (± 50 mg/ft²) necessary for automated bolt installation in critical applications.  We maintain strict controls and offer custom recipes to provide the exact crystal structure that you need on each job, by using appropriate pre-treatment cycles and diligent testing of our tank solutions. Parker TruTec



When alloy steel surfaces are machined, embedded foreign particles should be removed by passivating. This treatment is recommended to clean the surface, to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steels, and to prepare the workpiece for painting or lubricating.

Black Oxide

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Parker Trutec (002).jpg

A classic firearm, appliance. and automotive cosmetic finish, Black Oxide imparts corrosion resistance and a protective film to many steel components.   The luster is dependent on the base material condition and can range from mirror to matte depending on the pretreatment chosen.

pistol trutec (002).jpg


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