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Originally known for our quality zinc and manganese phosphate coatings, such as Parkerizing,

Parco Lubrite, and Bonderite, Parker has expanded to offer more complete metal services applied to a wide variety of products. We offer abrasive cleaning, and thermal treatments along with

metal-stocking programs for our customers. Since 1918, we have built lasting relationships with leaders in many industries. From one-gram fasteners to aerospace bearing cages, gears, electrical connectors, and two-ton missile casings, we have consistently met and exceeded customer requirements. For more than 100 years, we have made daily shipments to customers both domestic and internationally. 


Since we first opened our doors, our primary motivating force has been you, the customer. 

We believe in customer satisfaction through quality production, and maintain a high level of commitment to exceptional customer service. This includes the fastest turnaround in the industry, AS/ISO 9100 and Nadcap Certification, and a rigorous program of testing and inspection. It all adds up to exceptional customer service and total value.

Services Provided

Secondary Services







Automated rack and barrel processing of small and large parts up to 20 feet long.

Zinc & Manganese Phosphates



Black Oxide coming soon

Mil. Spec. painting in our 400 sq ft. booth

Masterlube 400 - specialized dry film for lubrication of mild and stainless fastener joints

Dry Film Lubricants - EM, Everlube, Sandstrom and more

Reactive Soap Lubricants - Bonderlube for cold forming operations and high lubricity

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Cutting

Deburring - vibratory media processing

Metal Sawing up to 16" dia.


Oxide & Glass Bead Blasting

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Parker Rust-Proof

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The Original House of Parkerizing since 1918

Masterlube Dry Film Lubricant