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Technical Coatings


We offer manual or automated spray painting and curing in our 400 sq ft state-of-the-art paint booth.  

We also use a custom helical paint dryer for smaller, more delicate parts that cannot tolerate the abuse of dip-spin operations.   


Masterlube 400

A specialized coating developed for application to threaded stainless fasteners, ML400 provides consistent lubrication to prevent galling during installation and torque faults. Useful in cold or high temperature applications, it simplifies removal during servicing, because it provides a barrier to metal transfer between surfaces. ML400 is the ultimate protection film for both mild and stainless fastener joints. 


Dry Film Lubricants

Parker provides application services for all major suppliers of dry film lubricants; EM,  Everlube,  Sandstrom, Chemlock and more! We can also provide lubricant coatings for hot-formed workpieces, and we have complete facilities for all pre-treatments necessary.


Reactive Soap Lubricants

Commonly known as Bonderite & Bonderlube, reactive soap coatings for both mild steel and aluminum actually flow with the material as it is formed, saving your dies and workpieces from scratches, galling, and metal transfer.  Especially good at turning corners, the three-layer coatings enhance all cold forming operations by providing a high lubricity barrier coating on metal slugs and tubes.  We are a one-stop shop, as we can cut steel and aluminum to length and deliver lubricated press-ready slugs right to your door.

Military Spec Painting

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