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Precision Bar and Tube Cutting 

Handling Your Precision Bar and Tube Cutting Needs Since 1918

At Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland, we are here to help you with all of your metal needs. From blast cleaning, to protective coatings, and now even precision bar and tube cutting. We strive to provide you with the fullest service when it comes to protecting your metal and making sure you get the cuts you need to complete your products.

Our tube and bar chamfering service, metal sawing service and precision bar and tube cutting are conducted by seasoned professionals. Today’s market is all about minimizing your losses wherever you can. That’s why all of our cutting is conducted with no room for error. We know your specifications are demanding and that’s why we put ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to making your cuts.

When we handle your precision bar and tube cutting, we are holding ourselves to the same standards. These cuts are even more demanding and we are up to the task.

We also handle all of the industrial lubricants your company needs.

Find out more about our services below or get in touch with us today!

Our Skilled Metal Sawing Services

Metal sawing isn’t as simple as it would appear. You don’t want inexperienced hands costing you money and ruining your metal stock by making the wrong types of cuts at the wrong lengths.

We have been in the business of stainless steel sawing for generations and we can handle all of your metal sawing needs. You can trust our experts to make sure that all of your cuts will match your specifications exactly. In fact, our clients trust us so much that they let us handle the inspections.

You can save your time and money by letting us handle your inspection, packaging, and shipping. Onsite visits to our shop only cost you time and add overhead costs. Reach out to us today to learn more about just how trusted our services are!

Let Us Handle Your Precision Bar and Tube Cutting

Precision bar and tube cutting is in a league of its own. You need your precision metal pieces to be cut exactly right. Even the slightest error could ruin a complicated and detailed project. Our expert technicians know how to handle your metal and can make cuts that exactly match your specifications.

When you can’t have any margin for error, trust us to handle all of your precision cutting needs. Our expert technicians have ample experience handling these demanding cuts and we are always happy to use our skills to help your company succeed!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our precision metal cutting!

Cold Impacting Extrusion Lubrication to Keep Your Machines Running Smooth

Industrial lubricants keep your business in motion. Your machinery relies on industrial lubrication to keep running. At Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland, we have been working with industrial lubricants for over one hundred years. In fact, part of where our company gets its start is working closely with industries that rely on industrial lubricants. We know how important it is for your company to have reliable services, that’s why our cold impacting extrusion lubrication is top of the line!

Reach out to our industrial lubrication experts at Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland today! We have generations of experience backing up our highly regarded position in this industry. We are ready and waiting to help you with all of your cold impacting extrusion lubrication needs.

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