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Metal Cleaning and Phosphate Finishing 

A Proven Record of Metal Improvement featuring Indutrial Metal Cleaning and Finishing

Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland has been providing protective metal cleaning and finishing services for over one hundred years. Our finishing services are designed to make sure that your products look fantastic and have the clean and active surface required to prepare them for metal bonding operations and to function well in environments that require critical standards of cleanliness like those needed in hydraulic, medical, aerospace, power generation, and internal engine applications.

Our cleaning, passivation, and metal finishing processes can standardize the complex spectrum of ferrous and non-ferrous steel surfaces, as well as aluminum. We have a coating solution for most types of steel and many markets.  No matter where your components or products wind up, we have the finishing skills to make sure they are ready and right when they arrive.

Metal cleaning, passivation and phosphate coating can be tricky business. That’s why you need to work with experts that know the pitfalls have a lengthy track record and history of reliability. With all of the experts on our shop floor, we have hundreds of years of experience in providing metal finishing services. You can rest assured that no matter what your product or finishing needs, our experts know exactly how to handle it.

Let’s take a closer look at our services and see how they can help your company to succeed!

Phosphate Conversion Coating Services

When it comes to phosphate conversion coating, your company needs to be working with the best in the industry. Steel has become one of the most common metals for both industrial and commercial usage. This means that consumers on all fronts are demanding higher standards and specific technical finishes for their steel components than they do for workpieces fabricated from other metals.

Our expertise is here to help make sure your steel parts meet these demanding standards. When you work with us, you are working with a company that has decades of experience applying Parkerizing, Bonderite, and other phosphate conversion coating.  From 20 feet long to 2 mm, we can handle jobs of most scales and sizes and there’s no amount of complexity that will overwhelm us, because we build our own tooling quickly, n house. We are a full-service shop with different pre-cleaning options to handle scale removal, thermal oxides, and pitted rust on your part surfaces so that a clean, uniform conversion coating can be applied.

If you are looking for a durable, insulating, paint-ready, lubricating, corrosion resistant coating to finish a steel project, whether it be an assembly, fastener, armament, stamping, or other individual component, get in touch with our experts and we can help you use our cleaning processes and phosphate conversion coatings to put the finishing touches on your product.

Military Manganese Phosphate Service

In addition to zinc phosphate coatings, we can also provide manganese phosphate metal finishing services for nearly any type of gun parts, like our military manganese phosphate service, designed to service military grade metals with proper coating solutions. Our military manganese phosphate service is one of the fastest, high quality, and most reliable services in the industry. We can turn truckloads of ordnance each day, and there are no types of metal we can’t help you finish. From the delicate and complex to the robust and enormous, we treat each job with exceptional care, and scrutinize it for flaws before we ship it to you.  We are here year-round to help you find solutions to your most difficult problems. 

Have any questions about how we can help your company finish your metal product or industrial good? Get in touch with us today. Our experts are ready and waiting to help you put the finishing touches on your industrial metal products.

When you work with Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland, you are working with one of the oldest, largest, best and most-experienced metal finishing and coating companies in the country!

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