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Industrial Services

Cardboard Boxes

We can now offer a variety of value-added, complementary, and logistical services to help you control and make disposition of non-conforming product.  We can also reduce your manufacturing costs by performing inspection, packaging, and shipping activities locally in our Cleveland facility.

A partial list of common services & operations appears below, but we can perform many other remedial tasks to help you correct quality escapes in a timely fashion.  Our goal is to relieve your manufacturing bottlenecks, helping you meet quality and delivery deadlines, and also to recover from internal or external non-conformance events, eliminating work flow interruption ripples.  We can make it like it never happened!

Inspection & Sorting


Segregation & Storage for Containment

Secondary & Salvage Machining, De-burring

Cleaning, De-Rusting

Fill painting & Marking


Bar Code Labeling

Third-Party Containment

Controlled Shipping

Warehousing & Order-Picking

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