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To protect steel from oxidation & rust, manufacturers often supply tubes with an oily film.  While this does retard the rusting process, it attracts dirt and it can be difficult to work with the coated steel.  To correct this problem there are methods to remove unwanted coatings and rust from metal, by using  mechanical blast services from Parker Rust-Proof.

We provide in-house aluminum oxide and glass bead blasting, and are a one-stop shop for all your tube cleaning & pipe coating needs.  Our 25' x 27' x 20' high blasting rooms can handle all your stripping and cleaning requirements.

Take the worry out of your mechanical cleaning needs by sending your tube to the experts at Parker Rust-Proof.


​Sandblasting is a process where abrasives are blasted at the soiled metal surface to remove paint or other contaminants, leaving clean metal behind.  Blasting is helpful because it creates a uniform finish and a unique texture on the steel (depending on the size of the grit) which promotes better paint adhesion, and allows good conductivity for welding operations.  This process can help even out welded seams in extruded tube.  If there are concerns about damaging the surface, glass bead blasting is a gentle alternative that can remove contaminants without changing the substrate.

Blasting is a quick, cost effective way to prepare steel surfaces for further processing.  Welding, painting, and fabrication become much simpler once clean, smooth surfaces are free of imperfections.


Anyone who needs a clean surface before priming, powder coating, or painting can benefit from adding mechanical cleaning to the sequence of operations. 

Blasting is commonly used by fabricators, metal finishers, welders and metal distributors to maximize value and quality to their customers.  Manufacturers can help the environment and save money by removing rust or paint from steel tube and re-using it.  Sandblasting is quick, environmentally friendly, and safe to substrates; it's also a great alternative to chemical stripping.

Let Parker Rust-Proof be your first choice for all your blasting needs!

Tube Blasting

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