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Parker Rust-Proof of Cleveland is the nation’s leading provider of phosphate conversion coating services, including Parco Lubrite manganese phosphate coating, Bonderite and Bonderlube coatings, Parkerizing zinc phosphate coatings and other protective metal cleaning and finishing services. Our company has been in this business for over one hundred years.  This means we have generations of experience at your disposal when it comes to helping you make sure your finished metal components are the highest quality possible.

​Our Parco Lubrite manganese phosphate conversion coating will help ensure that your ferrous steel surfaces are well protected and ready to lubricate, bond, or paint. Our reliable coating process technology has stood the test of time and our true technology can reproduce conforming surface treatments time after time.  We carefully prepare each job for coating using immersion cleaners or a solvent to remove oils.   We then blast the substrate with aluminum oxide media or glass beads before we passivate or phosphate coat the surface.  Then we oil it or prime and paint it, as the job specification may require. Our in-house testing laboratory verifies that the parts meet specification requirements before certification and shipment.   Parker is ready to help make sure your next order won’t be late or rejected!  We also specialize in a variety of other coating types, including heavy, medium, light, and micro zinc phosphates, as well as calcium modified and low iron-type coatings.

​Our Parco Lubrite manganese phosphate conversion coating is perfect for assemblies that have moving parts, such as bearings, gears, machinery or firearms!  If you produce iron or steel moving parts that need to be just as durable as they are mobile, this coating is the perfect choice to prevent galling and break-in wear for your product.  In the wrong hands, the manganese phosphate coating process can result in pitted, over-etched, or undersized parts; our trained personnel and years of experience ensure that the expected results conform to your specifications.  In addition to Lubrizing, we also feature protective coatings like paint and dry film lubricants that are designed to make your metal components last longer.

Our Parkerizing zinc phosphate coatings are excellent when used as a true technical torque aid during critical installations in heavy diesel equipment, electric generators, and as a base for primer and military CARC paint.

​When it comes to phosphate conversion coatings, ours provide the best protective coating for metals of this type on the market – our experience makes us experts in the field, because we have done years of research and problem-solving for our happy customers.

​No matter what your coating needs are, from Black Oxide to Cleaning, Abrasive Blasting, Everlube and Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricants, and Passivating, we are here to help you with your metal improvement projects and to make your products stand out in the marketplace, impressing your customer with a high quality, reliable finished product. Take a closer look at Parker Rust-Proof’s coating services on our website and get in touch with us if you have any questions about how we can help you!

​Our Metal Forming Lubricant Coating

​If you are looking for a reactive soap metal forming lubricant coating like Bonderite & Bonderlube that can protect your workpieces and dies from galling and withstand the abuse of cold forming and extrusion processes, get in touch with us. We have provided countless extrusion and cold-heading industries with our metal forming lubricant coating services for generations, for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Parker is the only metal finisher that can offer metal sawing & zinc phosphate coatings on both steel and aluminum!

​When customers need a protective barrier coating applied over your steel product surfaces, they rely on Parker to select and provide the right surface treatment and the best delivery times in the industry - reach out to us today and don’t get left out!  There isn’t a metal product out there that we can’t help coat – from tiny screws and clips to very large weldments and 25 foot beams. Your critical products and dies will stay protected – in service longer - and your reputation among your clients will become even stronger.

​If you have a steel or aluminum part that you are looking to have coated passivated, aluminum oxide blasted, or coated with black oxide or phosphates, get in touch with us today. Our experts are here to help make sure that all of your products are given the best coating treatments available on the market.  We handle all customer orders with respect and great care.

​A High Strength Bonderite Primer Conversion Coating

​What makes our Bonderite zinc phosphate primer conversion coating great is its ability to withstand the high pressure of cold-forming along with its ability to flow with the metal as it bends, turns corners, and elongates. Our coatings are capable of making your cold upset steel parts capable of withstanding corrosive environments and the pressure of multi-ton forming presses.

​Bonderite can also improve adhesion under paint on all types of products that are on the market, such as the iconic coatings we have provided on home appliances, and on machinery assemblies that are in more industrial uses. The iron-free zinc phosphate of Bonderite-type coatings also promotes bonding of types of adhesives & polymers used for vibration damping assemblies.  Our coatings are also the best choice for manufacturers with painted or oiled military application requirements. We have what it takes to make sure that firearms and outdoor gear are given a robust protective coating.

​Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Bonderite primer conversion coatings and how we can help you create products that are strong, durable, and easy to assemble.

​Rack and Barrel Parkerizing and Lubriting Phosphate Coatings

​Do your metal products, firearms, gears or bearings need to be protected, but also lubricated? Our Rack and Barrel coating lines Parkerize and Lubrize all day long!  Phosphate coatings are extremely versatile,  since they can be used for rust-proofing, lubricating, bonding, and cosmetic blackening.   Parker can handle almost any type of project, and we are always eager to take on new challenges. We make sure that your metal products are well lubricated and protected. Our coatings are the best in the industry and no matter how complicated your final product, we can provide the coatings that protect it from break-in wear, corrosion, and paint chipping.

​We Provide the Blackening Services That You Need

​Your company needs precision protective coatings that are affordable, durable, and get the job done. Our Parco Lubrite blackening service and Black Oxide coatings offer ample protection for your steel products, firearms and more, as well as offering unbeatable durability.

​When you need a protective coating for metal, you can turn to our expert staff. We have generations of experience in providing Parco Lubrite blackening phosphate for all types of industries. Get in touch with us today for more information about the metal coatings we provide and how we can help you produce a more durable product.​

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